Frog Lake Huts

Backcountry skiers passing the newly constructed, European style Frog Lake Huts at Frog Lake Cliff in Truckee, California.

What are the Frog Lake Huts?

European style meets the Tahoe backcountry

The backcountry just got a whole lot swankier.  The Frog Lake Huts are a series of backcountry-skier-designed, European alps influenced huts that are raising the bar for "camping" in the backcountry this winter.  Designed, built and managed by the Truckee Donner Land Trust, the huts are focused on providing the perfect amenities for backcountry skiing and split boarding.  They provide a modern and comfortable option for overnight trips in the Truckee area near Castle Peak and Frog Lake Cliff.

Described by the Land Trust as "austere but comfortable," the huts are Tahoe's most lavish backcountry accommodation.  While not as opulent as Lodges of British Columbia, these backcountry skiing oriented huts are more closely aligned to European ski huts in the French Alps than they are to existing central Sierra backcountry offerings, like the Sierra Club Huts.  Sierra Club huts are an incredible way to access the backcountry on multiday trips, but the amenities at the Frog Lake Huts shift the focus from camping and make it more about skiing and riding.  

Awesome backcountry terrain at Frog Lake Cliff just above Tahoe's newest backcountry lodge options, the Frog Lake Huts


Gas stoves, comfortable sleeping pads, solar powered LED lighting and device charging are incredible creature comforts, but the real game changer is the hot and cold running water and even flush toilets.  And what backcountry-skier-designed hut would be complete without a drying area for skins, boots and gear?  Each hut is designed with the needs of skiers in mind and provides space for skis, gear, and drying wet boots and apparel.

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A rendering of the Frog Lake Huts under snow.  The huts have been designed specifically for backcountry skiing and riding.


Even the architecture is a departure from the norm.  Featuring large windows and thoughtful design elements that show that the huts were "designed and constructed by skiers for skiers", the huts boast a modern look that fits into the landscape.  

This project has been a huge investment and the TD Land Trust's commitment to this impressive project is evident as it is staffed all winter by an onsite hutmaster. The role of the hut master is to help users familiarize themselves with the amenities and operation of their backcountry quarters explain the ins and outs of the communal building, the Eschenbach Backcountry House. The Backcountry House is where groups gather for après ski socializing and to prepare food in the commercial-grade kitchen.  It's a perfect place to share stories from the day of backcountry skiing and riding and a great place to dream up plans for the next day's adventures.  

Constructed in 2021, the huts host a variety of lodging options based on the group size and amenities you're looking for.  Each has a similar layout and amenities, but here is a synopsis of the differences between the huts:

Albert M Rockwood Hut: The Albert M. Rockwood Hut is a duplex with each unit sleeping 4 with a shared bath between the two units. Inside your hut, there are drying racks for boots, clothes and skins as well as ports for phone charging. 
Morgan Family Foundation Hut: The Morgan Family Foundation Hut is a duplex with each unit sleeping 2 with a shared bath between the two units. Inside your hut, there are drying racks for boots, clothes and skins as well as ports for phone charging.
Ted R’s Hut: The Ted R’s Hut is the large group hut which can accommodate 8. Inside your hut, there is a private bathroom, drying racks for boots, clothes and skins as well as ports for phone charging. Maritime propane stove heaters keep your hut warm and toasty. LED lighting lets you keep your headlamp in your pack.
Eschenbach Backcountry House: Originally built in the 1930s out of local granite, this beautiful hut serves as the communal space for the new backcountry huts with a full kitchen, a fireplace, sitting areas and a map room for planning out the next day’s adventure.

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