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Blackbird AIARE 1

The Blackbird A1 is a unique program from Blackbird Mountain Guides.  We introduce you to assessing and managing avalanche hazard, in-field decision making and how to find the best quality snow.  We'll heklp you key in to what's happening in the snow so that you can evaluate danger, avoid it, and find awesome turns along the way!

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AST Avalanche Skills Tour

A ski tour where the objective is not just the descent, but exploring the decisions your guide makes at every turn. The AST is only offered by Blackbird Mountain Guides. Much like it’s sister tour, the Mentored Ski Tour (MST), it is a ski objective that incorporates learning outcomes into a fun, objective-based ski tour. 

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MST Mentored Ski Tour

The MST (Mentored Ski Tour) is a Blackbird program that is all about YOU. You are in front, building plans, making decisions and calling the shots. When you stray off course, we’re there to help you back on track. Develop your confidence by making complex decisions in the field with our guides along to help!

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