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British Columbia

Backcountry huts and untouched terrain.

British Columbia is home to 10 mountain ranges, and almost 15 per cent of the land is protected. Here, the backcountry terrain goes on seemingly forever. 

BC is a renowned backcountry destination among skiers around the world, with countless route options for single- or multi-day trips. Find peace listening to your breath and the gentle glide of ski on skin track as you travel in untracked terrain. There are dozens of remote lodges offering a luxurious, guided backcountry experience, and experienced skiers have the option of staying in rustic, self-serve alpine huts positioned on mountaintops and traverses across the province.


Top destination for skiers, snow-covered volcanoes, vast ice caps, undiscovered backcountry and reliable snowfall. Stop off at mountain villages, hot springs, and secluded huts along the way for a truly unique alpine experience. 

Monkey Puzzle (Araucaria) trees, endless views of frozen lakes, snowy peaks and vast glaciers. Backcountry skiing promises pristine areas of untouched snow, leaving the chairlifts and the crowds far behind. Deep powder, tree runs, glacial skiing and steep chutes await.

Ski during the summer from June - October.


Peru's Cordillera Blanca is one of the most magnificent mountain ranges in the world. It is renowned for beautiful, steep, glaciated peaks with excellent snow, rock and ice climbing. Couple that with stable weather in the summer months, and you've got a recipe for awesome alpine climbing!

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