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Welcome to the LQ Outpost Trip Information Page!  

This page serves as a reference for your trip and should help you plan your trip with us as well as provide us with the information that we need from you.

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  • 6 private bedrooms.
  • 5 with a double bed and twin bunk over.
  • Room 4 has an extra twin bed.
  • Room 6 has two twin bunk beds.
  • Separate staff quarters.
  • Indoor plumbing: hot and cold running water, shower and 2 toilets in the
  • Large common room with comfy furniture, large hand-crafted dining table,
    wood fired stove, and auxiliary propane heater in entry way/ drying room.
  • Two decks and large picture windows in lodge


  • All Blackbird BC Lodge trips, including LQ Outpost, are fully catered.  All food for the week is provided, with the exception of specialty bars and energy chews - if these are important to you, make sure to bring your own supply!  Our guides typically just roll with the lunch food provided as it is quite good!
  • Food Restrictions - Make sure to advise the guides and lodge of any food restrictions you might have well before the trip!  It is difficult for the cook to pivot the menu without significant notice before the trip.

Sauna, Showers and Bathrooms

  • Sauna.  The sauna hut has a change room, hot room and a shower room with toilet and sink.
  • Showers.  Showers are located in the sauna building.
  • Bathrooms.  There is indoor plumbing for liquid and solid human waste and running water and sinks inside for hand washing - cleanliness is key in this intimate environment!


  • Drying Room.  LQ Outpost has a dedicated heated drying are.  It has racks for hanging jackets and other gear to dry.
  • Dining Room.  The lodge is equipped with a large room with comfortable chairs for relaxing, sharing meals and hanging out after a long day of skiing.
  • Wi-Fi for a Fee.  LQ Outpost has satellite internet available for purchase.  It may have very limited bandwidth and we recommend you take a week off from the information super-highway!

Typical Logistics for LQ Outpost Lodge

Flights Fly in and Out of LQ Outpost on Sundays. Please plan on being at the staging area at 8:00am!

The closest major town to LQ Outpost Lodge is Nakusp, BC.

  1. Fly into Kelowna International Airport (YLW).  We recommend coming in a day or more early to make sure that travel delays don’t prevent you or your skis/board from making it into the lodge!  We’ve had some very sleepless nights waiting for luggage on some of these trips!!
  2. Rent a car or arrange a shuttle.  There are multiple options for rental cars at YLW.  4x4 or AWD is highly recommended.  A shuttle to and from LQ Outpost can also be organized with LQ Outpost directly.
  3. Drive to Nakusp.  It takes a little over 3 hours on good roads.
    Kelowna to Nakusp
    Kelowna to Nakusp Directions.
  4.  Drive to the Staging Area south of Burton, BC.  This takes about 25 minutes on good roads.
    Nakusp to Valkyr Staging Area
     Directions from Nakusp to Staging Area (South of Burton)
  5. Have an awesome week at LQ Outpost!  Fly back to the staging area.
  6. Drive to Kelowna Airport (YLW) or Hotel.  This takes about 2.75 hours.  It is possible to catch a plane out of YLW after 6pm, but it is very easy for delays to make this impossible. Plan accordingly with flights and hotels at Kelowna. 
    Valkyr Staging Area to Kelowna Airport
    LQ Outpost Staging to Kelowna Airport (YLW).

 Shuttle Options for Kelowna to Nakusp/Staging

The Helicopter Staging Area.  The staging area is 6 km from Beaton on the Fish River FSR. It takes about 2 hours to get from Revelstoke to Beaton, including the ferry ride from Shelter Bay to Galena. The normal exchange for LQ Outpost is 8 am PST time. You are responsible for your own transportation to the helicopter staging area. 

Shuttle transportation.  LQ Outpost Adventures offers a shuttle to and from Kelowna's YLW airport for an additional fee. 

Packing List

Download the Full LQ Outpost BC Packing List Here
Guests are limited to 55lbs!  This includes Skis/Board, poles, backcountry gear, clothes you’re not wearing, alcohol and anything else you’re not wearing on your body into the lodge.  You’ll fly in with ski/board boots on, helmet and goggles as well as your normal layering.
Make sure your gear is fully functional and in good condition!  We won't be able to make a trip to the hardware store or gear shop, so make sure you bring some repair items specific to your kit.  Extra screws for split boards, a spare buckle for your boots, make sure you don’t have any gear that is on the verge of failure!
LQ Outpost does not have glaciated terrain - No Harness needed!
Bring powder skis!  You won’t need anything less than 110mm underfoot and a nice, modern rockered powder ski will be the tool for the job. You will only need to bring one pair of skis - we won’t have room for multiple pairs of skis per guest! 
Ski Crampons.  Mid winter trips will most likely not need ski crampons.  You can bring them and your guide can let you know whether or not to fly in with them.
Lodge Necessities.  
Footwear - Bring a light set of hut booties to get between lodge and Sauna and flip flops for inside.
Lunch Bag - a stuff sack to put your lunch in each day. 
Ear Plugs.  Might be a necessity if there are snorers at the lodge.
Pee Bottle.  This can be nice to avoid walking up and down the stairs to the outside or opening the pee toilet door in the middle of the night.
Cash for Lodge Staff Tips.  Canadian staff is happy to accept Canadian or US Cash, but it's difficult to tip the Canadians electronically.  Plan to bring cash from the US or hit up an ATM before flying into the Lodge.
NOT NEEDED (supplied by LQ Outpost Lodge):
Shower kit - NOT NEEDED. No need to bring shampoo, soap or towel.
Dishes/Silverware - NOT NEEDED.  The lodge is equipped with all of this, so no need to bring eating utensils.

Places of Interest

Nakusp, BC

Kelowna, BC

Pre-Trip Information

LQ Outpost Lodge Waiver

Valkyr Adventures Winter Waiver (Parent Company of LQ Outpost)

Wildcat Helicopters Safety Briefing - YOU MUST WATCH BEFORE BOARDING THE HELI

Helicopter Staging Area Procedures - READ THIS - Weight Limits for Gear!

LQ Outpost / Valkyr Adventures Independent Guide Protocols (Guides Only)