Mt Rainier Climbing Conditions, Weather & Webcams

Mount Rainier current climbing conditions, weather links and webcams across Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier Climbing Conditions

The Mount Rainier Climbing Rangers maintain the most up to date and informative blog for current climbing conditions on Mount Rainier.  They post conditions on all of the most popular routes including Disappointment Cleaver, Emmons-Winthrop, Fuhrer Finger, Gibraltar Ledges, Kautz Glacier, Liberty Ridge, Little Tahoma, Mowich Face, Ptarmigan Ridge, Success Cleaver, and Tahoma Glacier. Click below for current Mt Rainier Climbing Conditions:

Mt Rainier Climbing Conditions Blog

You might also find it helpful to review the Mount Rainier National Park Service Twitter Account for current road conditions, closures and events:

Mount Rainier NPS Twitter Account

Mount Rainier Recreational Weather Forecast

The UW (University of Washington) produces the Mount Rainier Recreational Forecast to provide climbers and skiers with a concise weather forecast, complete with freezing levels, temperatures and wind speeds on Mount Rainier: 

Mount Rainier Recreational Weather Forecast

Mount Rainier Weather Telemetry

These links provide the current weather in real-time from weather stations at various places on Mt Rainier:

Mt Rainier Webcams

Camp Muir, South Side of Mount Rainier Webcam
Paradise Trailhead, South Side of Mount Rainier Webcam
 Camp Schurman, North Side of Mount Rainier Webcam

Mount Rainier Air Quality

This link provides air quality information for Mt Rainier National Park

 Mount Rainier Air Quality Index 


Sno-Tel Site Paradise Mt Rainier

Mount Rainier is one of the snowiest places on the planet and the Sno-Tel site at Paradise on the south side of Rainier provides current data on snowfall accumulations throughout the year at approximately 5,130’ on the mountain.  Dig into the real time updated snowfall data here:

Mt Rainier Sno-Tel Site at Paradise

Permits Needed to Climb Mount Rainier

If you climb Mt Rainier with Blackbird Mountain Guides, we take care of the permits and fees for you.  If you are climbing Mt Rainier without a guide service, there are a couple of simple steps to follow before you climb:

  1. Pay the annual climbing fee (allows unlimited summits each year)
  2. Obtain a permit at a Ranger Station in Mount Rainier National Park

Learn more about the Rainier Climbing Fee and get a permit:

Mt Rainier Climbing Fees and Permit Information

Mt Rainier Overnight Camping Permits