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Mt Shasta Skiing & Climbing Regulations

Wilderness Permits are required for every individual entering the Mt Shasta Wilderness. FREE Permits are available at the Mt Shasta or McCloud Ranger Stations and the Fifth Season Outdoor Store in Mt Shasta City. Permits may be self-issued at wilderness trailheads.

Summit Passes are required by every individual climbing above 10,000 feet, even if you don't plan on or are not sure about going to the summit. Climbers failing to pay the Recreation Fee (Summit Pass) will be ticketed and you can expect to be checked by a ranger on the mountain. The Summit Passes are available at the Mt Shasta and McCloud Ranger Stations and trailheads. They are $25 for a 3-day, $30 for an annual pass. All trailheads have self issue kiosks for summit passes, wilderness permits and human waste packout bags. The annual passes are only availabe at the Mt Shasta or McCloud Ranger Stations or The Fifth Season. Please note: You MAY NOT issue yourself an annual summit pass by placing $30 dollars into the standard, 3-day self issue summit pass envelopes. If you do, we will consider this a tip! Thanks! Also, if you purchase the 3-day summit pass, it may not be upgraded to an annual pass at a later time. If you want the annual but cannot make it to the ranger station or The Fifth Season during business hours, call the Mt Shasta Ranger Station (530-926-4511), pay with a credit card over the phone and arrange to have it mailed to you.

Group Size is limited to 10 persons or less. This can reduce physical impacts as well as impacts on the wilderness experiences of others.

Good Sanitation means human fecal waste, food scraps, and garbage will be packed out to the trailhead and properly disposed of at the provided receptacles. It is REQUIRED to pack out your human waste from the Mt Shasta Wilderness. You can be ticketed for this! Free human waste pack out bags are available at all trailheads, ranger stations and local gear stores. Urinate at least 200 feet away from springs, stream, trails and camp locations.

Wood Fires are not permitted because firewood is so scarce at high elevations. Wood fires scar the landscape. Dead and down wood is crucial to soil regeneration in alpine environments. Portable stoves, which use gas, jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid, are allowed.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the wilderness because unrestrained dogs have potential to disturb wildlife, destroy fragile vegetation and affect other visitors’ experience. Dogs are allowed outside wilderness in the Old Ski Bowl; Please pack-out their waste. Know the boundaries!

Personal Equipment may not be left unattended longer than 24 hours. (No building caches of gear or food).