Program Rates

Blackbird Mountain Guides offers both scheduled and custom programs. Custom programs are simply above and beyond what Blackbird Mountain Guides currently has scheduled. They don’t necessarily have to be private (1:1), and correspondingly, scheduled courses are not always less expensive. Before booking a trip with Blackbird Mountain Guides, clients are encouraged to review the differences between these types of programs, and to decide what works best for them.


Scheduled Programs have fixed dates, itineraries, objectives, curriculum, and costs. They typically appeal to solo individuals or small groups or who are looking to share the cost of their program with a larger group. Correspondingly, scheduled programs are less expensive for smaller groups (1-2), and they provide the opportunity to meet others with similar interests. If you have a large group (3+), Scheduled programs will often be more expensive. They can fill up quickly, and scheduling flexibility is obviously limited.

Scheduled programs will have advertised dates. All scheduled programs can be run as custom programs with custom dates/rates as well.


Custom programs have scheduling freedom. They typically appeal to those who would like some flexibility in planning their own trip or course. In this regard, Itineraries and objectives can be tailored to suit current conditions as well as client goals. Custom programs are normally less expensive for larger groups (3+). If you have a small group (1-2) custom programs will be more expensive.

Custom programs will not have advertised dates.


Rates are based on client to guide ratio, and assessed per day.

Program 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5.1 6.1
Day Programs $550 $325 $250 $220 $205 $195
Overnight Programs $750 $450 $350 $300