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Lake Tahoe Backcountry Skiing conditions

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Tahoe Avalanche Resources

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Lake Tahoe Backcountry Skiing Conditions straight from the field!  We strive to keep our Conditions Reports current with the latest backcountry skiing conditions updates in the Tahoe area.  Beyond our Tahoe Backcountry Conditions Reports, we have tons of resources available on the blog, so check it out!


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Tahoe Weather Forecasts

Tahoe Area Mountain Weather Information

A comprehensive weather page with links to weather forecasts, snow level forecasts, hourly forecasts and forecast discussions.  The 2-Day Mountain Weather Forecast provides a concise overview focusing on patterns on the Sierra Crest.  The Snow Level Forecast provides a probabilistic estimate of the expected snow level with expected margins of error (this helps you choose venues to stay out of the rain!) Hourly Forecasts (also called Graphical Forecasts) provide hour by hour detail on temps, wind speed, wind gusts, wind chills, probability of precipitation, precipitation totals, cloud cover, and more. Its a perfect tool to understand the timing and intensity of storms, temperature trends and winds.  The forecast discussion provides insight into the confidence and uncertainties the forecasters have with the weather forecast.


This page includes:                 

2-Day Mountain Forecast (overview of weather conditions for mountain recreation)

Snow Levels (find where the snow/rain line is for each storm)

Hourly Forecasts (best for timing of storms & weather changes, snowfall totals)

Forecast Discussion (discussion of forecast confidence and trends)

Weather Forecast information for Tahoe backcountry skiing

Probabilistic Snowfall Forecasts

Probabilistic Snowfall Forecasts provide probabilities for various scenarios of snowfall.  This helps to get an understanding for the most likely outcome for snowfall in the area.


Point Forecasts for Specific Zones

These forecasts are specific to the elevation and topography of the selected point.  See the map on the page to understand the exact location the weather forecast is coming from.



Truckee / Palisades Area

Donner Pass NOAA 7100'  |  KT-22 (Palisades) 7300'  |  Frog Lake 7800'


South Lake Tahoe

Hope Valley 7250'  |  Stevens Peak 8850'  |  Carson Pass 8800'


Mt Rose

Mt Rose Summit 8700'  |  Mt Houghton / Mt Rose 10,000'

Tahoe weather stations and snotel map

Telemetry Weather Station information Tahoe Telemetry (Weather Stations)

Weather telemetry helps us get a solid understanding of recent weather history.  This is historic data that comes from automated, remote weather stations in various locations.  When you want to know how fast the wind was blowing last night or how much new snowfall was recorded, turn to these stations.  


Weather Stations Map  |  Mountain Top & Remote Weather Data


Olympic Valley, California Weather Stations


Alpine Meadows, California Weather Stations


Mt Rose Weather Stations




Tahoe Road and Highway Conditions TAHOE ROAD CONDITIONS

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  • You’ll get SMS messages with opening and closing information


Webcam Icon symbol for Tahoe Webcams TAHOE WEBCAMS

Donner Ski Ranch Webcams

Donner Ski Ranch

Donner Summit / Truckee Webcams

I80 at Floriston

I80 at Truckee scales

I80 at Donner Lake Interchange

I80 at Donner Summit

I80 at Soda Springs - Eastbound    |    I80 at Soda Springs - Westbound

I80 at Kingvale - Eastbound    |    I80 at Kingvale - Westbound

Tahoe Donner Webcams

Downhill - Top of Snowbird

Downhill Ski Resort

North Lake Tahoe Webcams

SR 89 at Olympic Valley

SR 89 at SR 28, Tahoe City

SR 28 at SR 267, Kings Beach

Mt Rose Webcams

Mt Rose Webcams 

South Lake Tahoe Webcams

US 50 at S. Lake Tahoe

US 50 at Meyers / Luther Pass Road

US 50 at Echo Summit

US 50 at Twin Bridges (Between Strawberry & Meyers)



Air quality icon TAHOE AIR QUALITY

Truckee Air Quality