Travel Insurance

We get it, life happens. Whether it’s family, work, health, or travel related, there are all kinds of challenges that can unexpectedly arise and keep you from being able to attend your program or that could arise during your program. Travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Travel Insurance covers:

  • Pre-trip cancellations for any reason
  • Programs canceled due to made-made disasters, natural disasters, pandemics, prohibitive weather / snowpack conditions, or other factors outside of Blackbird Mountain Guides control
  • Evacuation or search and rescue fees
  • Medical costs due to injury that are not covered by your insurance

US Programs

Travel insurance is not mandatory, but is highly recommended for US-based programs.

International Programs

  • Travel Insurance IS MANDATORY FOR ALL FOREIGN TRIPS and must have the following minimum limits for foreign travel:
    • Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage: $250,000
    • Medical Coverage: $50,000

We recommend Travelex Select because it meets these limits and tends to provide the best coverage and price point.​​

Travel insurance covers a wide variety of circumstances that could make it impossible for you to participate in a trip.  If you cannot afford to lose the Trip Fee, Trip Deposit, or other associated costs, please research and purchase trip insurance that will cover you adequately. 

In many states, "Cancel for any Reason" insurance provides partial coverage for trip fees, airfare and other non-refundable trip costs and might be a good way to cover yourself against changing plans or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Research with care and make sure that you're covered for what you need to be. You can compare rates and benefits at or choose Travelex Select Insurance to cover our required limits for foreign travel.

**Most insurance policies are required to be purchased within 21 days of your program deposit.