Trip Logistics Consulting Retainer

Price: $500.00
Retainer Level:

The Trip Logistics Consulting Retainer covers costs incurred for trip planning and logistics.  The fee is nonrefundable and will be applied to the cost of your trip once we have finalized your logistics.  We charge this retainer to ensure our consultants are paid for the work planning and organizing your trip.  

Starter Level Retainer

Starter Retainers are for:

  1. Trips that don't require long hours of planning.
  2. Trips that will be paid in full immediately after initial logistics are completed.

Examples of trips that would involve a Starter Retainer would be a trip involving only guides (no cooks, porters, pack animals, etc), or a larger trip in which the retainer is used to understand the feasibility of the trip.  In the latter case, once the trip has been determined to be feasible, the logistics would proceed with an Expedition Retainer or payment of a significant portion of the trip fees.

Expedition Level Retainer

Expedition Retainers are for:

  1. Trips that will require long hours to days of planning.  These trips typically involving multiple levels of logistics including permits, in-country transportation, porters, cooks, base camp setup, hotel accommodations, pack animal, rental equipment and subcontracted services.  
  2. Photo and Video Shoots that require significant setup, permits, and/or any combination of logistics mentioned above.
  3. Continuation of planning services that were initiated with a Starter retainer.