Upgrade your old Digital Transceiver to a new Mammut Barryvox!

Avalanche Transceiver Upgrade Trade-In Program

Upgrade your Avalanche Transceiver without breaking the bank!

For a Limited Time, we're Offering Blackbird clients the opportunity to upgrade their old transceiver to a new Mammut Barryvox for 40% off retail when they trade in their old, fully functional digital transceiver.


Qualifying Trade-Ins

We're looking for functional, digital beacons that we can use for transceiver practice on out Avalanche Rescue Courses and Lift-Accessed Avalanche Rescue Courses.  Beacons need to be:

  • Digital, 2 or 3 antenna beacons
  • Within or out of the manufacturers recommended service life
  • In good working order (Free of corrosion on battery terminals, functioning battery doors, functional range of 40m)

We're not looking for junk, just beacons that aren't the ideal beacon for you anymore.  Great examples of what we're looking for are the following, or newer: 


Mammut BarryVox Avalanche Transceiver (Previous Generation)Mammut Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver (Previous Generation)

Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Transceiver (Previous Generation)Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Transceiver

Black Diamond / Pieps Avalanche Transceiver (Previous Generation)Black Diamond / Pieps Avalanche Transceiver (Previous Generation)

Tracker 1 avalanche transceiverBCA Tracker 1 with the Large Red Center Button

BCA Tracker 2 Avalanche TransceiverBCA Tracker 2 Avalanche Transceiver

Arva Axio Avalanche TransceiverArva Axio Avalanche Transceiver


Please Feel Free to Reach out with more Questions!


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