Lassen Peak in Lassen National Park

Lassen National Park - Open to Devastated Area

Lassen Volcanic National Park open to Devastated area

The road to the devastated area is clear and open to vehicles in Lassen National Park! Photo: Lassen National Park

Lassen National Park Road Status

2024-05-12  |  Lassen National Park

The road has opened to the Devastated Area in Lassen National Park!  The road is clear and open to vehicles.

On the south side of the park, the road is open to Sulphur Works and has been cleared close to Bumpass Hell.  They are unsure of when the next section will open to vehicles. Visitors can enjoy any cleared section of the road for hiking or biking sections of the highway, before it opens to vehicles.

Ski mountaineering on Lassen Peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Road Clearing in Lassen National Park is a massive undertaking! Photo: Lassen National Park


Road Clearing Operator Log 2024

Road clearing operations every year begin as early as late March.

5/12/2024 - One mile from the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center to Sulphur Works is open to vehicles.

5/11/2024 - Clearing progress has been eventful this past week. The road from the south has been cleared to Emerald Sidehill, which is just short of Emerald Lake. In addition, the road from the northwest entrance has been opened to Devastated Area for vehicles! This is always the first section of the road to open to vehicles in the season. It opened later this year due to late season snowstorms. Caltrans is asstisting us with continued clearing from Devastated Area and is currently at the Dersch Meadows, just about a mile south of Summit Lake.

5/2/2024 - We ended the work week just below Diamond Sidehill (~ 3 miles). We are moving the equipment back to the southwest entrance due to a forecast snowstorm. Monday will be a catch up day to remove new snow from the cleared section of road.

5/2/2024 supplemental - Some final preparations need to be completed prior to opening the road from the northwest entrance to the Devastated Area. There are identified trees that pose a hazard of falling across the road that will need to be removed and some final snowclearing in the Devastated Area parking lot. This section of the road is anticiapated to open in the mid-May timeframe.

In the meantime, road operations began from the southwest park entrance on Tuesday, April. 30.

4/26/2024 - Clearing the Warner Valley Road was the focus this week. Cearing this road allows staff access to the area to begin preparations for summer.This road will likey remain closed to vehicles as these preparations take place.

Mobilization efforts have begun for clearing to begin at the park's southwest entrance. This will start next week at some point. Downed equipment has hampered efforts to move progress forward more efficiently, but the team is making every effort to meet milestones and get the road opened up asap despite these challenges.

Also at the start of next week, we will look at opeing the cleared section from the northwest entrance to the Devastated Area. Some final preparations clearing snow to walkway of the restrooms in the parking area and the restrooms need to be addressed. Stay tuned...

4/19/2024 - The road crew reached the Devastated Area parking lot (10 miles) at the end of this week. The parking area there and some additional clean-up of the road still needs to be completed before it can open to vehicles. In the meantime, hikers and bikers can enjoy this ten-mile section of the cleared road without vehicles. Also, it's a great opportunity to walk your leashed dog. Remember to protect Lassen Volcanic, only paws on pavement.

The crew plans to begin on the park section of the Warner Valley Road on Monday. We hope to have it complete by week's end before starting clearing from the southwest park entrance.

4/15/2024 - We have about one week of clearing to do to complete the 10-mile section to Devastated Area from the gate at the northwest. Continuing April snowstorms and equipment repairs delayed road clearing progress. However, its looking like clearing from the southwest entrance at Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center can be initiated starting the week of April 29, weather depending.

We were able to complete snow removal on the Butte Lake Road to one lane to protect the shoulders of the dirt surface. If driving this road, use caution, as there are large areas of muddy sections.

The Manzanita Lake Campground Road and campground loops are cleared of snow. However, the boat launch and road remain closed. Upon melting of the snow at the launch and on the lake, it will open.

4/11/2024 - Road clearing from the northwest at Loomis Plaza only reached Sunflower Flat (~2 miles). A change in plans was necessary, halting clearing to Devastated Area due to a few snow storms and needed equipment maintenance. Equipment is back and ready to continue to the Devastaed Area starting Monday, April 15.

3/18/2024 - Road clearing equipment has been staged at the Northwest entrance and clearing opearations began from the closure at the Loomis Plaza. The road crew is hopeful that clearing will conclude at the Devastated Area (10 miles) on Thursday, March 21 before moivng on to begin clearing from the southwest entrance. Clearing will begin at the southwest entrance to begin as conditions permit.
Clearing also begun on the park's unimproved road to Butte Lake.

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