North Cascades Backcountry Ski Conditions Update

North Cascades Backcountry Ski Conditions Update

Mt Baker backcountry skiing

The Mt Baker Backcountry over the winter...Current conditions are NOT powder...see the video below and report details for info on the current conditions.  Photo: Alex Z.

North Cascades Backcountry Ski Conditions Update 2024-05-12

2024-05-12  |  Eldorado Peak / Cascade River Road 

Here's a report from IFMGA Guide Brandon Seymore on our latest ski mountaineering trip to Eldorado Peak in the North Cascades this weekend:

Skis on and consistent snow line at 4600'. Very thin here for the next 1000' and this will rapidly rise in the coming days with the forecasted clear skies and warm temps.

Camped at 6000'.  Snow depth there was roughly 1 m. There was a superficial refreeze overnight being driven only by radiation loss from clear skies.  The temperature only got down to 1c.

Easy skinning with ski crampons takes you to the summit ridge. The last 200' is too steep for skins but not bad as it was soft and had a nice boot pack.

Skiing was fantastic but the windows were short. Corn was on from 10am to 11am, then it got soft fast.

Here are some helpful highlights on conditions:

  • The best skiing was 8800' to 6500' smooth and relatively fast.
  • The 4th class gully at 6200' is all snow with small moat at the bottom.
  • Water shoes for the crossing would be handy. 


Here's an update on what conditions look like in the North Cascades Backcountry this weekend:


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