Mt Baker & North Cascades Access & Conditions

Mt Baker & North Cascades Access & Conditions

Skiers skinning up Mt Baker in Coleman Glacier.  Photo: Brandon Seymore.


Mt Baker / North Cascades Access & Backcountry Skiing Conditions Update

2024-05-21  |  Mt Baker / Cascade River Road / HWY 20

The North Cascades and Mt Baker are shaping up with some great backcountry ski conditions.  Our teams last weekend found some great corn skiing on Eldorado Peak and the access to the North Cascades is getting close to the best it will be for the season.


Mt Baker

Mt Baker Trailhead Access

❓ Heliotrope Trailhead (Coleman Deming / North Ridge Access) - probably clear at this point.  Was close but was still snowed in to within .5 miles of the trailhead about a week ago.

✅ Park Butte Trailhead (Easton /Squak Glacier Access) - Clear to the Trailhead.

✅ Bagley Lakes Trailhead / Heather Meadows Trailhead (Access to Lake Ann, Artist Point, Mt Herman, Table Mountain, etc) - Open, snow still skiable from the trailhead.

Mt Baker Conditions

Skinning possible from the TH with only a couple of skis-off carries, Creek crossing and Moraine. Unsure how long this coverage will last.

Glacier coverage is still solid.

Snow Surfaces:

  • Upper Mountain: wind textures, cold chalky snow and rime.
  • Mid Mountain: Settling new snow.  Surfaces are now probably a combo of refaceted cold snow pockets and transitional snow.
  • Lower Mountain (below 7k'): solid corn cyle with great, consistent and supportable corn skiing to the trees.

North Cascades

❌ Cascade River Road Trailhead Access

Accessing Sahale Mountain, Forbidden Peak, Eldorado Peak, etc

  • Cascade River Road is closed at Milepost 20 with dry road up to the Cascade Pass Trailhead.
  • Cascade River Road has been severely damaged at Morning Star Creek.
  • Pit toilets at Cascade Pass Trailhead were open and stocked with TP.


✅ SR20 North Cascades Highway / WA Pass Trailhead Access

SR20 is open across the pass

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