2024-05-16 Lassen Peak guided ski descent Jason Smith

Lassen Peak Backcountry Ski Conditions Update

guides on Lassen Peak are finding excellent snow on all aspects.
Our guides on Lassen Peak have been finding excellent snow on all aspects. Photo: Jason Smith.


Lassen Peak Backcountry Skiing Conditions Update

2024-05-19  |  Lassen Peak / Devastated Area

Lassen Peak is holding excellent snow on all aspects.  Our teams this weekend accessed the peak from the Devastated Area.  We have multiple groups skiing and riding Lassen Peak and teams skied both the South Face and North Face with perfect corn conditions.

The snow is continuous from the Devastated Area parking to the summit and the coverage is great. Guides and clients alike have been enjoying the ease of access and fun skiing straight to the parking lot.  Blackbird Guide Jason Smith said on Sunday "We were able to ski immediately off summit block all the way to cars."

The old storm snow transitioned, and wind textures nearly melted smooth.   Snow is great - just need a good freeze for 10/10 corn, but snow quality has been a solid 8-9 out of ten.   No sun cups! 

A guided skier entering the north side of Lassen Peak from the summit
A skier enters the north side of Lassen Peak from the summit during a Blackbird Mountain Guides trip, 2024-05-16. Photo: Jason Smith.


Skinning is great to and from the Devastsated area right now.  Photo: Zeb Blais.



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