Mt Shasta Ski & Climbing Conditions - 2023-05-25

Mt Shasta Ski & Climbing Conditions - 2023-05-25

Red Banks skiing Mt Shasta

Skiing below Red Banks. Some tracks, but still not bad! 5/24/2023 Photo: Jason Smith.


Don't believe everything that you read! Some are saying ski conditions are less than optimal on Mt Shasta, but California corn is ripe and ready for the picking on the south and west sides of the mountain.  Is it perfect everywhere?  Nope!

Skiing the west face Mt Shasta
Excellent riding conditions on 5/25/2023.  Photo: Jason Smith. 

There are some places where ski tracks and avalanche debris have made skiing less than ideal. My recommendation is to ski elsewhere! There's plenty of delicious corn to feast on outside of the beaten paths (and not that far off the beaten paths either).  Some spots are melting out fast, the top of the West Face being the prime example. Get it while the getting is good!
Our teams on Mt Shasta found incredible ski conditions. When asked about how conditions were, we received the following:
"Top 5 corn runs of the year" 
"Conditions. %#(!ing. All. Time." 
 Pretty enthusiastic responses!  

Nearing the summit of Mt Shasta
Climbing near the summit of Mt Shasta.  5/24/2023

Climbing conditions on Mt Shasta have been improving as well. With colder freezes at night this week, the snowpack has been gaining strength and has become more supportable to crampons and climbers are having much easier (and more fun) ascents. 
Of course, all good things come to an end, and the uncertainty around this weekend's weather definitely has our attention. Various models show a wide range of weather coming in, some showing significant snow. With light wind and dense snow, this could help the upper mountain hang on for a few more weeks, but would also interrupt the current corn cycle.

Riding Mt. Shasta 5/25
Riding Mt Shasta on 5/25/2023.  Photo: Jason Smith. 

Check out our Mt Shasta skiing and climbing conditions page for more details! Our page is a comprehensive gathering of conditions reports, weather information (both forecasts and telemetry), webcams and details on permits you need for climbing and/or skiing Mt Shasta. 

All Photos from 2023-05-24 and 2023-05-25 Jason Smith.

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