Snowfall Lodge: Openings in January 2024!

Snowfall Lodge: Openings in January 2024!

Snowfall Lodge backcountry ski lodge in British Columbia


A few spots have opened up for one of our wildly popular British Columbia ski lodge trips in British Columbia this year!  These trips are normally sold-out months or years in advance, but a group pulled out of this trip and we now have spots open for one of our favorite backcountry skiing trips.  It's guaranteed to be a great time and is a trip that you'll never forget.

Snowfall Lodge backcountry ski lodge near Revelstoke, British Columbia


When: January 20-27, 2024.

Where: Snowfall Lodge is in a remote area of the Selkirk Mountains south of Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada.

What: A full week of guided backcountry skiing at a modern and comfortable ski lodge, complete with sauna, fully catered meals and rustic showers.  Snowfall Lodge is a comfortable, modern lodge with mostly double occupancy rooms, a large living and dining room for eating meals and socializing after skiing and a gear drying room to ensure that your gear is ready to go each day.  The lodge is remote and we access it by helicopter.

Snowfall Lodge backcountry ski lodge in the Selkirk Mountains

About Snowfall Lodge

This is NOT roughing it.  The lodge is remote, but it is very comfortable.  Bedrooms, foam mattresses, sheets and comforters with duvet covers, as well as a sauna and showers separate Snowfall and other BC Lodges from the spartan huts that many Americans think of when they hear the words ski hut or ski lodge.  Did we mention that we have a cook for the week?!

This is a magical week at a remote lodge in one of the snowiest corners of British Columbia.   Most people start their trip by flying to Kelowna and spending a night in Revelstoke, BC.  The next morning we'll head to Beaton, BC where we'll load the helicopter and fly into the lodge.

Once we've settled into the lodge, we'll get a quick avalanche rescue practice in and a warm-up tour to start the trip.  We'll return to a warm sauna, showers and hors d'oeuvres before sitting down to a hot dinner and desert prepared by our cook.

We'll start each day by skiing right from the lodge, with objectives varying for each group.  We try to put guides into similar zones to be able to support each other, but each guide will have their own group and itinerary for the day.  Days range from 3,000-6,000' depending on the desires of the group and can cover terrain from long runs on big glaciers to widely spaced tree skiing. 

Inside Icefall Lodge in British Columbia

The lodge is heated by a woodstove. It has a spacious boot room and a large stretching area. There is an indoor pee toilet and an outhouse for solid waste.  There is a separate drying room that will get all your gear dry after a long day of backcountry skiing. The drying area has a propane heater and extra electric power to heat the room. There is a rack for drying boots and gloves and a fan that blows hot air into them. Best of all, the moist, smelly air is vented outside.

Food at Snowfall Lodge.  We'll be fed well and often by our lodge cook for the week.  Typically, there are 5 meals per day!  Cold breakfast and hot breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner and desert are provided for each 7 days of the trip - and the food is good!! We'll fly in hundreds of pounds of fresh food for the week and the food is healthy and delicious.  It's a great way to stay fueled up when we're burning lots of calories!

Drinks can be flown in, so it's nice to bring in your favorite whiskey, drinks or beers for the week.  Cargo capacity on the helicopter is limited, but there is people never seem to have problems bringing in a reasonable amount of beer, wine and liquor for the week.

Questions?  Reach out at or give us a ring at 530-414-7778, we'd love to dial you in on why this is one of our favorite backcountry trips of all time!


Ready to book? 

Book the Snowfall Lodge for January 20-27, 2024 here!



Here's what's included with your trip:

  • Modern, comfortable sleeping accommodations in double occupancy rooms
  • Deluxe breakfast, appetizers, dinner and desert prepared by a professional cook. Food to prepare your own lunch.
  • Experienced IFMGA/AMGA/ACMG Trained Guide
  • Group Safety Gear - your guide will be equipped with snow science tools, first aid kit, rescue equipment, etc

Not Included

  • Transportation to the helicopter staging area
  • Hotels before and after the trip
  • Alcohol - Should be purchased beforehand and brought into the huts.
  • Gratuities for guides, cooks and caretaker


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