Icefall Backcountry Lodge in BC

Powder skiing at Icefall Backcountry Lodge BC British Columbia

Icefall Backcountry Ski Lodge in British Columbia

Join Blackbird Guides for backcountry skiing and snowboarding at the Icefall Lodge, near Golden, BC. Nestled in the heart of British Columbia, Icefall operates two backcountry lodges and several cabins and huts. The original lodge, Icefall, is situated on a 200 square kilometer tenure, 70 kilometers north of Golden, BC. Icefall offers amazing backcountry skiing thanks to the area's deep and consistent snowpack. Five additional huts and cabins have been built in the area surrounding Icefall lodge and provide access to the stunning landscape, including the Icefall Traverse, in both winter and summer.

Backcountry skiing on a ridge at Icefall Backcountry Lodge

Icefall Huts, Cabins, and Lodges

Icefall started out as one lodge situated on 200 square kilometers of terrain north of Golden, BC. Since building Icefall Lodge in 2005, they’ve grown into a network of huts, lodges and cabins that provide access to the rugged glaciated terrain that Icefall is known for. The other Icefall lodges, cabins, and huts are the Snowfall Lodge, Alexandra Cabin, Lyell Hut, Mons Hut, Rostrum Cabin, and Waterfall Cabin. Snowfall Lodge is located on a completely separate tenure south of Rogers Pass and is loved for its legendary snowfall, long runs and widely spaced tree skiing.

Backcountry Lodges Near Golden BC

Our experienced IFMGA and AMA certified ski guides will show you all of the best ski routes and terrain at backcountry lodges near Golden, BC, Revelstoke, and Rogers Pass. Other lodges near Golden, BC include the Amiskwi Lodge, Mistaya Lodge, and the Ice Creek Lodge. We'll help you plan the perfect ski touring or splitboarding trip. Level up your knowledge and experience in the backcountry as we tour up and ski alpine, trees, pillows, and deep powder in the Selkirk Mountains.

Join us at Icefall Lodge BC for a ski or splitboard trip and see why Blackbird Guides has a five-star rating on Google!


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