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Mt Baker at Sunset with calm weather conditions

Mt Baker Climbing Conditions

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    Mount Baker Weather Telemetry

    Real-time weather data from remote weather stations at various places on Mt Baker and the Mt Baker Ski Resort (on the Shuksan Arm).

    Mt Baker Webcams

    Mt Baker Webcam from the West (Ferndale)  

    Mount Baker Air Quality

    This link provides air quality information for Mt Baker Area

    General Information

    Always use Leave No Trace techniques to help keep these areas wild, clean, and pristine.

    Trailheads/Trails that access Mt. Baker Wilderness:

    Artist Point Trailhead - Table Mountain Trail #681, Ptarmigan Ridge Trail #682.1.
    Bagley Lakes Trailhead - Chain Lakes Trail #682.
    Boulder Ridge Trailhead - Boulder Ridge Trail 605.
    Damfino Lakes Trailhead - Damfino Lakes Trail #625 which links to High Divide Trail #630. 
    Excelsior Pass Trailhead - High Divide Trail #630.
    Goat Mountain Trailhead - Goat Mountain Trail #673.
    Hannegan Trailhead - Hannegan Pass Trail #674, Hannegan Peak Trail #674.1.
    Heliotrope Trailhead - Heliotrope Ridge Trail #677.
    Lake Ann Trailhead - Lake Ann Trail #600.
    Nooksack Cirque Trailhead - Nooksack Cirque Trail #750
    Park Butte Trailhead - Bell Pass Trail 603.3.
    Pioneer Camp - Bell Pass Trail 603.3, Elbow Lake Trail 697.
    Ridley Creek Trailhead- Ridley Creek Trail 696.
    Skyline Divide Trailhead - Skyline Divide Trail #678.
    Swift Creek Trailhead - Swift Creek Trail 607.
    Tomyhoi/Yellow Aster Butte Trailhead - Tomyhoi Lake Trail #686, Yellow Aster Butte Trail #686.1.
    Twin Lakes Trailhead - High Pass Trail #676, Silesia Creek Trail #672, Winchester Mountain Trail #685.
    Welcome Pass Trailhead - High Divide Trail #630


    Permits Required to Climb and/or Ski Mt Baker

    To summit Mount Baker you only need a parking permit, but it is highly recommended to register for your climb at a ranger station before departure.  

    • Parking Permits (Recreation Pass) These are required to park at trailheads that access Mt Baker. One per vehicle.
    • Voluntary Climbing Register - It is strongly recommended that all climbing parties submit a climbing register. Registration is optional. See climbing information.

    Join us!   Climb Mt Baker or Ski Mt Baker!