North Cascades Guided Alpine Climbs 2024

North Cascades Guided Alpine Climbs 2024

Climbing high on the West Ridge of Forbidden Peak

A guide climbing high on the West Ridge of Forbidden Peak. Photo: Zeb Blais

North Cascades Alpine Climbing

The North Cascades is one of the most magical places to climb in the contiguous United States. Jagged peaks with excellent rock quality meet wild glaciers and stunning views.  The climbing is varied and engages all skills in an alpinists quiver making it exciting, dynamic and challenging.  Options abound to meet any level of alpine climber, from budding mountaineer to seasoned alpinist.

This post details:

  • Guided Climbing Dates in the North Cascades National Park
  • The process for getting permits to camp for various climbs in the North Cascades National Park

2024 North Cascades Climbing Dates

Mt Shuksan

Fisher Chimneys

 North Face of Mt Shuksan

Boston Basin

Forbidden Peak West Ridge

Forbidden Peak North Ridge

North Cascades Backcountry Permits

Permits are required to camp.

The North Cascades National Park requires Backcountry Permits to camp overnight in the park.  This means if you're attempting a climbing or ski objective that takes longer than a day, you'll have to get a permit to camp in the zone that you're climbing in.

Permits are limited.

The Park limits the number of campers at any given camping area by limiting the number of permits they issue for each area.  A portion of these wilderness permits are available early when the Park opens reservations on and remain open until the quota for each area has filled.  Beyond the reserved spots, the park reserves a smaller number of walk-in permits which are available 24 hours prior to entry to the park in person at the closest ranger station. 

Reservations for camping in popular areas fill quickly, leaving only walk-in permits available for many climbers who were unable to secure a backcountry reservation.  Zones like Boston Basin that access popular climbs like Forbidden Peak's West Ridge, Sahale Peak, the Torment-Forbidden Traverse and more, fill quickly and can be difficult to reserve, meaning the only option is a walk in permit.

North Cascades Permits Zones

Zones for Backcountry Reservations in the North Cascades National Park.

High Use Cross Country Zones

Need to know

No Campfires, Canister or Bear-Resistant Bag Required for Food Storage June 1-Nov 15, Use Blue Bags Above Tree Line, Pack Out Toilet Paper.

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